Capital: Capitas

Ruler: Alvdan II, Emperor

Not very long ago this state did not exist, and now it is possibly the largest in the known world. Although ruled by the Wasp, both Beetles and Flies have established roles within it. There are also Grasshoppers, Ants, Bees, Soldier Beetles and Mole Crickets enslaved by the Wasps. Other races also live within the lands, but are not much regarded. To the south it borders a mountain range, on the other side of which is the lands of the Exalsee, the Nem and the forest Alim. To its east is a great ravine, with the cities of Delve and Least Delve. To the north are the rotting forests of the Woodlice and Lake Limnia. To the west lies the Commonweal and the Lowlands, separated by the Barrier Ridge.

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