Name: Varmen

Kinden: Wasp

Gender: Male

Titles: Sergeant of the Imperial Army; Sentinel

Introduced: Ironclads

Varmen is one of the elite Sentinels of the Wasp army, so well-trained in the use of heavy Sentinel Plate that he can fight instinctively. His preferred weapons are a broadsword and shield. He is a gruff but loyal NCO.


Leader of a squad for the Sixth Army, Varmen is sent to protect a downed Heliopter and the squad of fly scouts with it until the re-inforcements arrive. When one of his squad, Pellrec, is badly wounded, he plays a gambit by challenging the attacking dragonflies to a duel. Felipe Daless accepts, and the two fight to a standstill until reinforcements arrive.

The Last IroncladEdit

Varmen reached the bottom of the barrel, unemployed and virtually unemployable in Helleron, after his unit, his class of warrior, was disbanded by the new Empress Seda. In dire search of money, he is eventually persuaded to engage in a pit fight spectacle, fully armoured. He realises how far he has fallen, and takes the example of his suicided room-mate to heart, heading away from the city to find a better life elsewhere.

Heirs of the BladeEdit

Acting as a guide through the disputed territories of the east Commonweal/west Empire, Varmen comes in contact with Thalric and Che. He stays with them beyond his paid duties as a guide, and then takes on an entire camp of Dragonfly nobles on his own, holding them off to let everyone else escape. He is finally brought down by Mantis weaponmaster, whose blow follows the hole already made by a snapbow bolt.