Hello, as you may have noticed the entire wiki has been turned upside down and made completely fantastic! I, and Adrian, have been wanting this for awhile. I tried to make the wiki look nice and it barely got by. Now we have a wiki that will interest many newcomers to Adrian's series. I want to give all my thanks to JoePlay. Without him this wouldn't be possible. I have been in contact with him and he dropped everything and set our wiki to the top of his to do list. If you would be so kind everyone please go by his talk page and give him a warm welcome and thanks! Okay on to other things. As you may have noticed there are only two members on this wiki, me and RodrickE. I want to make this wiki for people who want to do a quick read and valued members. Rodrick has done so much on this wiki and I am proud to say he is the best person on this wiki. I want more people like him though. I want anyone and everyone. So if you come by this wiki please sign up! Next, we need to get all the information about the series down before the tenth book comes out. My goal is to have a complete wiki by the time that comes out. So tell all your friends and everyone else to join this wiki and help. If you do you will all get a specialized medal and I will have Adrian help me so it is truly a valued thing. So, hope I didn't bore you to death and hope to talk to all of you soon!

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