Name:  Ult

Kinden:  Wasp

Gender:  Male

Titles:  None

Introduced:  Salute the Dark, Ch 16

Ult has served his time, in the Slaver Corps but got out of it.  These days he is old and works as a trainer of gladiators in the arena of Capitas.  He runs the games.  With everything that he has seen of life, he has become quite philosophical and apolitical.

Salute the DarkEdit

After watching him fight, Ult comes to visit, and then talk with, Tisamon.  He eventually spars with the Mantis, surprising his oppponent in being competent enough to manage that.  He fears that he won't be able to put Tisamon in the arena on the ninth anniversary of the ascension of Alvdan II, since there is no-one good enough to face him.  It is the arrival of Felise Mienn that provides the opponent, but Ult again surprises Tisamon by recognising the abilities of a Weaponmaster.

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