Name: Uctebri

Kinden: Mosquito

fan-art by selenasart

Gender: Male

Titles: The Sarcad

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling Ch 7

Uctebri is an ancient withered man, with only wisps of hair showing on his bald head, a bloody splotch showing beneath the skin and twig-thin grasping fingers. He was captured by the Rekef loyal to General Maxin, who plans to present him to the Emperor. There are some indications that this was planned by the Mosquitos.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Uctebri is introduced to Alvdan II and makes him the offer of eternal life. With this promise, he persuades the Emperor to allow him access to his younger sister Seda and also to procure the Shadow Box from a collection in Collegium. He can proceed no further without the box, but spends time cultivating his relationship with the Princess.

Blood of the MantisEdit

He continues to spend time with Seda, showing her the reality of magic, and it becomes clear that his plan is to somehow do away with Alvdan and place this girl on the throne as a puppet. He directs his allies to Jerez and by the end of the book has helped create a conspiracy for Seda and also obtained the Shadow Box.

Salute the DarkEdit

Under his tutelage, Seda becomes a more confident leader and the conspiracy is able to set things up for a coup that will take place in the royal box at the arena during the fights arranged for Alvdan. Things go almost exactly as Uctebri has planned, with Alvdan being killed and Seda put on the throne. The only flaw is that Seda is more competent than he had imagined, and The Sarcad is killed in the middle of his coup.

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