Name: Teornis of House Aldanrael

Kinden: Spider

Gender: Male

Titles: Aristos, Lord-Martial

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling

Being male, Teornis is of less importance to his house and is either allowed or expected (it's not quite certain which) to engage in military matters.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Teornis stalls the entire Wasp Fourth Army with just a personal bodyguard. His mere presence, claiming Egel and Merro as part of the Spiderlands, throws their general into confusion. Later, he leads a fleet out of Seldis to Collegium, carrying a small army of mercenaries and Tarkesh ants. This breaks the Vekken siege and makes him very popular there.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Staying in Collegium, Teornis persuades Stenwold Maker to send agents to Solarno. This move riles the Wasps to take the city, causing the Spiderlands to view the Wasp Empire as a dangerous enemy. All exactly as planned.

Salute the DarkEdit

He is recalled to Seldis by his family.

The Sea WatchEdit

Attending a floating conference to discuss why pirates funded by the Aldanrael are preying on beetle trade ships, Teornis is captured by the Sea Kinden. His manipulation and maneouvering amongst the families leads Stenwold to realise that the man who he thought was a friend is actually out for his own ends. He is killed by the beetle intelligencer.

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