Name: Taki, te Schola Taki-Amre

Kinden: Fly

Gender: Female

Titles: te

Introduced: Blood of the Mantis, Ch 1

Taki is a fly-kinden aviatrix in the employ of House Destiavel in Solarno. Her pride and joy is the clockwork orthopter Esca Volenti, from which she holds her place as one of the elite flyers over the Exalsee.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Taki first encounters Cheerwell Maker and Nero as they arrive in Solarno, after she defends the ship carrying them from pirates. After talking with them she establishes that they are looking for allies against the Wasp Empire. She aids the two Collegium spies, as she has her own reservations about the intentions of the numerous Wasps in the city. She befriends Cheerwell and helps the two get lodgings with the Destiavel, the Spider-kinden household she is employed by. Nero developes an attraction to her which Taki consistently discourages. After learning that Cheerwell has some experience flying she acquires a plane for her, the Stormcry, and takes her on a flight over the Exalsee to the settlement of Aleth on the Exalsee's southern edge. There she introduces Cheerwell to a group of other "free pilot" associates of hers, including two Solarnese Soldier-Beetles, Scobraan and Niamedh, a Solarnese/Ant halfbreed called The Creev, a fellow Fly-kinden, te Frenna, and a pirate-Dragonfly Drevane Sae. She explains her reasons for hating the Wasps, telling Cheerwell the story of how her half-brother Amre discovered the Wasp's intentions to take over Solarno and called a meeting to discuss it and was killed when the Wasps ambushed the meeting. She pledges that the free pilots will help defend Solarno from Wasp takeover.

On the return journey the pair are attacked by Wasp fliers emerging from a larger airship painted blue to camoflage in the sky. Taki defeats her pursuers and escapes back to Solarno but is frantic for Cheerwell who was forced to crash-land on an island. She returns to the island and finds Cheerwell safe, and the two return to Solarno.

The Wasp invasion of the city comes sooner than expected when the local Wasp leader is murdered by Odyssa, a Spider-kinden agent posing as Rekef who does so to further her own group's agenda. The invasion takes Taki, Cheerwell and Nero by surprise and the Destiavel house is attacked by Solarnese members of the Crystal Standard political party, which has allied itself with the Wasp Empire. Escaping to the city's airfield Taki bargains for the three's escape in a duel with a Wasp-pilot whom she admires as a skilled adversary. Taki wins their aerial duel in the Esca Volenti and the Wasps renege on the deal, but she had pre-empted this and Cheerwell and Nero had already escaped in a flier they commandeered. With the help of Scobraan, Taki escapes to Porta Mavralis and follows Cheerwell and Nero home to Collegium.

Salute the DarkEdit

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