Inhabitants: Bee

This city is to the east of the Commonweal and the north of the Darakyon. It was captured by the expansionist Wasp Empire only after vicious fighting against their berserkers and finally capturing and imprisoning their queen. Since then the city has been a quiet, industrious manufacturing centre for the empire.

As a whole, the city is made up of squat, hexagonal houses, with extensive basements, which are all overlooked by the large Wasp garrison ziggurat.

When their queen committed suicide in the seraglio of Alvdan II her daughter instantly knew and all of a sudden a rebellion was underway. Unfortunately Dariandrephos was sent to make an example of the city to prevent any future rebels having hope of winning. It was only through Totho's treachery that the city still exists today.

After the succesful revolt and the lack of any comeback due to the assassination of the Emperor, Szar has become part of the Three City Alliance, alongside Maynes and Myna.

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