Stick-kinden are an abnormally tall and stick thin Kinden inhabiting the Cane Forests of the Commonweal. They are viewed as being legendary, but those who enter the Cane Forest are often mindful enough to respect such people. Stick-kinden do not appear to be interested in commerce, waging wars, or expanding their territories. Despite this, they do not seem fond of visitors and have been accounted to react hostilely towards those who deface the Cane Forests. It is not known if Stick-kinden are capable of speech, but they are, in some way or another, capable of communication. This evidenced during the negotiations of Soul Je, a Grasshopper-kinden, and one of the Stick-kinden people in Heirs of the Blade. The Stick-kinden Heartland has never been seen by outsiders, nor have any outsiders lived to tell if they have.

Stick Insect Cities : None that are known of, although they do have a Heartland.

Stick Insect Arts : Stick-kinden are able to bend light (or shadows) around themselves to trick or alter the perceptions of others. This makes them nearly invisible amongst the canes.

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