Name: Sperra

Kinden: Fly

Gender: Female

Introduced: Empire in Black and Gold Ch 37

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Sperra is first introduced as an agent working for Scuto in Helleron. When the Wasp forces and their hired thugs discover and attack Scuto's hideout Sperra fights in the skirmish and is one of the few who manages to escape. She accompanies the remaining force of agents on the mission to destroy the Pride and is wounded in the battle but again survives. 

Dragonfly FallingEdit

With Scuto's operation destroyed Sperra begins working directly for Stenwold Maker goes on a diplomatic mission to the Ant-kinden city of Sarn along with Achaeos and Stenwold's niece Cheerwell. She acts as an observer during the Battle of the Rails and recieves a light inury when an airborne Wasp crashes into her before being taken back to Collegium.  

Salute the DarkEdit

Sperra acts as Stenwold's voice in Sarn during ongoing diplomatic relations with the Sarnesh, attempting to convince them to unite with Collegium against the Wasp Empire. After the assassination of the Sarnesh Queen by a Wasp agent Sperra is brutally tortured to find out if Stenwold was involved. After ascertaining her innocence the Ant-kinden return her, greatly weakened, to Stenwold. Sperra returns to Collegium and begins a slow recovery with the help of Balkus. Upon her recovery, after the First Lowlands War ends in a stalemate, Sperra goes north with Balkus to become one of the founding citizens of  Princep Salmae