Skryre is the title given to those who have mastered the art of the seer, as taught by the Moths of the Lowlands. They are often considered to be the wisest and the rulers of Moth cities. It is a mystic art and thus only the Inapt can learn, although the existing ones seem to be willing to take apprentices of any kinden, so long as they have the desire to learn and a proficiency with magic. Skryres past a certain level of ability do not give out their name, as this is seen as dangerous amongst a group who consider knowledge to be magic.

These sorcerors have a number of abilities that they have been seen employing:

  • A telepathic linking with a subject that allows them to see the truth of an accused's testimony.
  • An ability to view possible futures, and the effects their actions might have on them.
  • The inspiration of fear, either directly, through dreams or through illusions.
  • Wielding of powers that man was not meant to know.

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