About Edit

Sigurt is a rich and successful Imperial officer who has a long-term grudge with a fellow officer called Gunthar. Both of them own a stable of racing Wasps.

The Scent of Tears Edit

In a continuation of his rivalry, Sigurt buys Dagmar, Gunthar's daughter, when she is put on sale to cover Guthar's debts. Sigurt then treats Dagmar as a concubine in preference to his own, aged wife, going so far as to take her to his bed in a violent manner. Later he takes her to an important high-class party, dressed in slave style. As expected Gunthar is there, and Sigurt is able to insult him again. Sigurt finally admits to Dagmar that the reason for the long-term grudge is that Gunthar had once saved his life. Sigurt is hosting a family reunion the next day, with a display of his succesful racing wasps, when they go mad. The story ends with the implication that the whole household is killed.

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