Attackers: Wasp Empire Fourth Army

Defenders: City of Tark

The siege starts with a probing attack on the walls, which is repelled by the defending ants with little difficulty. The defenders seem quite confident in their ability to hold out for a long time.

At this point colonel-auxilian Dariandrephos intervenes. On his say-so, a second assault is made on the walls, to permit him to test a new siege weapon. One reaches the walls and appears to do nothing. The wasps again take heavy casualties for few inflicted. When called on it by General Alder, Drephos asks for 2 days wait.

Days later, nothing has happened, but Drephos claims that the walls were thicker than calculated, and the breach will appear that night. Told this is his last chance, a full night assault is ordered. The fighting is very heavy, and the Tarkesh commit all of their aerial units. Three breaches are made: one spontaneously where Drephos had attacked before, one by a force of Mole Crickets and the third where a gate is broken down by a modified Leadshotter.

The defenders are informed that they are now at risk of being attacked by airship, since they have no air power left, and a night sally is quickly arranged and carried out to destroy the airships before they can attack. This move is unfortunately anticipated and the sally force is eliminated without completing its aims.

The final stage of the siege is drawn out over days, as the wasp army gradually forces the ants into a smaller area by bombarding them with explosives and incendiaries from the airships, invulnerable high above the city. As the palace is being attacked, the King of Tark orders one of his commanders, Parops to make a break out of the city with all of his force and flee so that he can come back to recover the city one day. To maintain the existence of his city in the face of an unbeatable foe, the King orders a surrender and then commits suicide to prevent resistance from continuing in his name.

Result: Tark is taken and enslaved like other Ant cities before, but Drephos' innovations have made it faster and less painful for the Wasps.

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