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Welcome to the Shadows Of The Apt Wiki
This is a wiki for the amazing fantasy series Shadows of The Apt by Adrian Tchaikovsky. This wiki is for newcomersto the series and die-hard fans. So check here for all your Shadow of The Apt updates and info!
What is Shadows of The Apt?

Shadows of The Apt is a fantasy series by Adrian Tchaikovsky that takes place in a name less fictional world. Technology has started to take over the Lowlands and if you are technologically adept your "apt". The thing that makes Tchaikovsky's series different is how the people are categorized. They are part of the Insect-Kinden. Each person is a certain Insect-Kinden or is mixed with another. There are multiple kindens such as, Beetle, Spider, Mantis, Dragonfly,etc.,etc. All the kindens have special abilities and a special art. An art is one thing that makes that Kinden so special. Also, only certain Kindens are Apt.


25/07/12 - The Air War is Published

2/02/12 - Heirs of The Blade is Published

March - New Covers On Books

1/20/2012 - First Draft of Book 10 is started

Featured Article

Twelve Year War

A war of aggression by the Wasp Empire against the Commonweal. It pitted the professional army of the wasps, backed with artifice, against the inapt feudal levy, led by dragonfly mercers and princes. Over the course of twelve years, the wasps won battle after bloody battle, gradually grinding their way into the westernmost principalities of the commonweal. The war was not without cost to the Wasp, however. As the Commonweal lost armies, the Empire lost officers; assassinated in the centre of well-defended camps or singled out and cut down by Mantis or dragonfly warriors in the heat of battle. Eventually, after the Sixth army was butchered and the battle of Shon Real ground to a standstill, by Prince Lowre Darien, a treaty was signed between the combatants. The Treaty of Pearl effectively surrendered a large swathe of the Commonweal to the Empire, but the Monarch's only other option was to spend more of the blood of Commonweal peasants.

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