This army is typical in that it is made up mostly of the Light Airborne, supported by spear-armed Medium Infantry and Sentinels. There is no particular mention made of a large Auxilian contingent, although Lancers are mentioned as being part of the army. The emphasis put on heliopters and leadshotters may indicate a strong Engineering Corps, which would make sense given the fact that it is particularly linked to Helleron.

Vol 2

The army captures Helleron without a fight, then advances down the rails towards Sarn. The Battle of the Rails with the Sarnesh army results in a victory, although costly, for the Seventh.

Vol 3

Quickly integrating snapbowmen, the General plans to advance on Sarn to complete the victory. Unfortunately, the delaying tactics of the Landsarmy slow the advance, and the Seventh is placed under the command of the Sixth Army. At least until the Sixth is decapitated, and the Seventh once more takes the lead.

Vol 4

Like all the other Wasp forces in the Lowlands, the Seventh is withdrawn with the death of Emperor Alvdan II, leaving the final siege of Sarn unfought.

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