This armour is famous for being the best in the world. It is a set of full metal plate over chain with a full helm, with every weak spot given extra protection. Each suit is tailored to the wearer with the weight distribted across the body. Even then the weight is massive and only the strongest can cope. Also beetles. The armour will turn aside sword and axe blows, break spears, shatter arrows and even lessen the impact of crossbow bolts. Until the advent of the Snapbow a block of Sentinels in this armour was considered virtually unbreakable. An experienced and practised wearer can move almost as freely and swiftly as when unarmoured, although their peripheral vision is somewhat restricted. That said, there are some who seem to develop an Art which lets them know where their enemies are without actually seeing them.

Despite the complexity of the armour, it is theoretically possible (although awkward and time-consuming) to don it entirely on ones own, although an assistant makes things much easier. In the field, sentinels will pair up to help each other armour up and check the armour over.

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