Name: Scobraan

Kinden:  Soldier Beetle, Solarno

Gender:  Male

Titles:  None

Introduced: Blood of the Mantis

Scobraan is a free airman of the Exalsee.  He is known for wearing a gold-winged breastplate.  His flyer is the Mayfly Prolonged.

Blood of the MantisEdit

He is one of the aviators opposed to the Wasp that Che is introduced to by Taki on the other side of the Exalsee.  Later, he helps Taki, Che and Nero to escape as the Empire conquers his city.

Salute the DarkEdit

Scobraan responds to a meeting held by Taki in Chasme, and joins in the attempt to free Solarno from their Wasp oppresors. Ultimately, he dies at the controls of his craft during the air battle over the city.

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