The Cockroach kinden are found in the Commonweal and Spiderlands. They are a wandering kinden with no permanent cities. In those lands that they habitually travel, there are few who are pleased to see them or have a good word for them. In the same way that the humble cockroach, marvel of efficiency that it is, is so savagely maligned, so the poor Roach-kinden, one of the least harmful of the kinden, carry the burden of a bad reputation.

They are known (and frequently are) thieves, confidence tricksters, merchants, tinkerers, entertainers and dancers. They are also very loyal to their families and clan.

As a kinden, they are inapt.

Their ancestor arts shown so far allow them to cling to walls and dissolve wood. if they're like their totem, their range of arts would also include durability, speed, quick reflexes and fly in clumsy manner.

The ones introduced in the series have white hair and dark skin.

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