Name: Piraeus

Kinden: Mantis, Nethyon

Gender: Male

Titles: Prowess Forum Champion

Introduced: Empire in Black and Gold Ch 2

The acknowledged reigning champion of the Prowess Forum dueling circuit in Collegium. Others of his kind look down on him for playing with children.

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Hired to be a member of the Golden Shell Prowess Forum team. Defeats Salma but not before losing the first strike. Defeats Tynisa soundly in a private spar later.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

He duels Tynisa again in the forum, where he is thoroughly beaten by the now-blooded girl. Hired by Graf to take part in an assassination attempt on Stenwold Maker by the Rekef. He is killed by Tynisa before he even realises that he is in danger.