Name: Parops

Kinden: Ant, Tark[[Tark|

Fan art by selenasart


Gender: Male

Titles: Tower Commander

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling Ch 2

Parops is an entirely competent officer, but a bit too eccentric to go any further under normal circumstances. His most recent strangeness is the friendship he has developed with Nero. What makes this particularly strange is that they first met when Parops found out that his assigned mate was posing nude for the fly artist.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Parops has his tower destroyed during the Wasp Empire siege of Tark, but found his authority gradually increasing by sheer dint of staying alive. Either by chance or royal design, he was in charge of a unit and in the right place to make a break-out from the city. Only a direct order from the King that was made known to his companions made him accept this and he led hundreds of his city to the west and away from their home.

They are picked up by the Aldanreal fleet and then instrumental in breaking the Vekken siege of Collegium.

Salute the DarkEdit

After the Free Army of Tark has been re-equipped by the forges of Collegium, Parops agrees to lead it north, to the very city of Sarn, an old enemy, to oppose the Wasp advance into the Lowlands.  There he joins a slightly unusual friendship with Balkus and Plius.  His force fights on the winning side at Malkan's Folly.  Shortly later the Empire withdraws from the Lowlands and he leads the Free Army home, to retake their city.

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