Name: Lowre Darien

Kinden: Dragonfly

Gender: Male

Titles: Mercer; Prince

Introduced: The Prince

A mercer of great intelligence and skill, this transformed into the best generalship in the Commonweal during the Twelve Year War. He engineered the destruction of the Imperial Sixth Army at the hands of the combined Grand Army of a number of principalities.

The PrinceEdit

A continual thorn in the side of the Wasp Empire, even after the signing of the Treaty of Pearl, a plan was concocted to trap and kill him. This centred on using his betrothed, Nysse Ceann, as bait in the castle Del Halle. He assembled a group consisting of Tesse, Philomaea, Evandter and Cordwick Scosser to aid him in the endeavour.

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