The Lowlands is a place of change and diversity. It is where the majority of the Shadows of The Apt


Map of Lowlands

first story arc takes place. It is home to almost every kinden. But its places like Collegium that really show the true value of the Lowlands.


The Lowlands is at the center of achanging world. You have many groups of people. The Moth cities and Mantis holdsare trying to hold on to the days of Lore while Beetle, Ant and Fly kinden are making changes all around them.

During the Days of Lore the Moths ruled the cities of the lowlands, with their loyal Mantis servants and many kinden were enslaved. But when they rebelled they took over the Lowlands and forced their Inapt rulers to the fringes. The Apt have made it their new home and started creating new lives and a new civilisation there. Ever since it has been insular , with natural barriers keeping enemies out. But now that the Wasp Empire has tried to invade it is not so safe anymore.