A large lake in the northern provinces of the Wasp Empire. The shores tend towards reed-beds and flooding, and the weather consists of almost constant rain. Somewhere on the west shore stands the alleged city of Jerez, home to the Skater-kinden and the Imperial garrison that tries to police them. Very few people go beyond a certain distance from the shore, since extremely large fish are known to inhabit the lake and like to eat anything they can get their teeth into.

Occasionally, strange lights are seen out on or deep in the water. When that happens, the natives have learned not to set foot off the shore at all.

The truth of the matter is that the cities of the Lake kinden are concealed far beneath the surface, on the bed of the lake and the inhabitants do their very best to keep that knowledge secret, ruthlessly killing any who learn about it and pursuing anyone who would be foolish enough to think to leave.

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