Kymene is the acknowledged leader of the Mynan Resistance, respected by all the various branches because of her personality. However, she has been captured by a couple of 'private contractors' and turned over to the Bloat. (Word of God says that it was Soul Je and Barad Ygor, just before the events in An Old Man in a Harsh Season).

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

She is recued from her cells in the Wasp governor's palace by Stenwold and his allies while they get to Che's cell. It is only her leadership that prevents an immediate rebellion that would be put down again immediately.

Salute the DarkEdit

The rebellion is finally launched, with Kymene at its head. Despite the Wasp Empire's best efforts, she is succesful, taking the city back.

Heirs of the Blade Edit

Despite her misgivings, Kymene writes out documents for Che and Thalric, letting them travel through the lands of the Three City Alliance more easily than otherwise.