Inhabitants: Beetle

Ruler: The Masters

Khanaphes is a Beetle-kinden city to the south-east of the Empire, past the lost cities and desert of Nem. It is situated on the outskirts of a desert, straddling a great river just north of its marshy delta. It is the furthest east point that any character has visited.

Whilst the mystic "Masters" are acknowledged as the rulers of the city, the day-to-day running of it is carried out by a selection of ministers.

Despite the fact of being Apt, the beetles in the city make very little use of technology, rejecting the advances and continuing to do things traditionally as it has been done for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years.

The city is the capital of a large state centred which sprawls northwards along the banks of the river to the Forest Alim and the mountains of its headwaters.

The Scarab PathEdit

Ambassadors from the Wasp Empire, Collegium and the Iron Glove cartel out of Chasme all arrive at the previously ignored city. The city is attacked by the horde of Scorpion known as the Many of Nem, but supported by Imperial technology. The western bank of the city is abandonned, but even that seems not to be enough. The invaders are about to break through when a cloudburst and freak flood sweeps away their bridge and the west side of the city. All the ambassadors are sent away and the city tries to go back to its traditional ways.

Heirs of the BladeEdit

A massive army of Wasps arrives, preparing the way for the Empress Seda to visit with the Masters, but staying 'to protect the city from predation by the Many'. Khanaphes effectively becomes part of the Empire.

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