Name: Jons Allanbridge

Kinden: Beetle

Gender: Male


Introduced: Blood of the Mantis, Ch 3

Jons is an adventurer and fortune-seeker and also the owner, builder and operator of a small airship called Bouyant Maiden.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Hired to provide transport for a group of Stenwold's agents, Jons visits Tharn and Jerez, somewhat more exciting an adventure than he was used to.

Salute the DarkEdit

Once again hired by Stenwold, this time he flies up over the Great Barrier Ridge and into the Commonweal.

The Sea WatchEdit

By now Stenwold's go-to man for all manner of airship requirements, he gives a short lift to his strangest customers yet, Sea Kinden from beneath the waves.

Heirs of the BladeEdit

Not so much hired, as bullied by Tynisa, Jons carries her on a return trip to the Commonweal, but leaves as soon as he can.

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