What does Inapt mean?Edit

Before the series starts there was a great war between everyone under the rule of the Moths. The Moths were a kinden that had great skill in magic. This made them powerful than all other kinden's. But there was a change; technology started to adapt and take new forms and the moths and a few other kindens were not able to understand it, nor wanted to. So, they and a few other kinden became to be known as inapt and kinden such as the Beetle kinden became known as the Apt and they rule themselves now.

What is so important about Inapt Kinden?Edit

After the technological revolution a change took over all of the lands. This change made everyone forget about the past. All but the Inapt. As time went by magic became a myth. But, it still exists. Moth's and all the other Inapt kinden know it. They also stick to traditions and legends that are very true and real. But, they are still stubborn and think that no one is a threat to them.