The Imperial Army is the pre-eminent force of the Wasp Empire.  The Rekef may be more influential, the Consortium of the Honest richer and the Engineers more advanced, but it is the Army that are primarily behind the expansion and control of the Empire.  Every male wasp is expected to serve the empire somehow and most of them end up in the army.

There are various different troop types within the army.  By far the most common is the infamous Light Airborne.  The Medium Infantry make up the backbone of the line, while the elite of the elite are the Sentinels.  A couple of other less known branches are the thoroughly expendable Hornets and the Lancers who ride giant wasps.  Over the course of the war in and against the Lowlands an entirely new branch is added.  The Snapbowmen gradually lead to the other branches becoming obsolete, starting with the Sentinels.

The Imperial Army itself is split into multiple, numbered armies, each led by a General and self-sufficient.  These are not identical, since the balance between the different arms varies.  But even more so, the character of an army is determined by the attached Auxilians .

The armies are

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