Hokiak is an elderly scorpion who has been involved in the Black Guild of Myna for as long as anyone can remember. He runs an import/export business as a front, but nearly all of the actual trading takes place in the hidden drinking hole in the back. He was one of Stenwold's contacts when he was there during the Wasp Empire takeover.

An Old Man in a Harsh SeasonEdit

What starts out as a typical day in the life of Hokiak, turns into something a little more dangerous as his past catches up with him. Challenged to a duel by a Scorpion much younger than himself, Ecta, Hokiak prepares to fight with his influence and dozens of local bullies, but is interrupted (or saved) by a motley group of conspirators wanting his help to get out of Myna: Mordrec, Soul Je, Dal Arche and Barad Ygor.

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Hokiak acts as a contact to put Stenwold and his allies in touch with the Mynan Resistance. He then provides a guide and equipment to get the group back out of the city again.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Once again acting as a go-between, Hokiak enables Felise Mienn to meet with Draywain, but then doesn't interfere when she cuts down the treacherous beetle and his guards.

Salute the DarkEdit

Che, with Thalric, attempts to get in touch with the Resistance through Hokiak's contacts, but he distrusts the combination of Beetle and Wasp, and arranges for their capture.