Lore of Shadows of The Apt

In this section I will give a brief explanation of the history in Shadows of The Apt before Book 1 Empire in Black and Gold. There are FEW SPOILERS! So you can read this before you read the series and you will not have it ruined.

The history is mainly about the Lowlands so that is the history we will discuss.

In the beginning, the Lowlands had a history of dictatorship. All the other kinden were under the rule of the Moth. The Moth Kinden were very strong creatures that were very adept in magic. They had control over all of the land. However, their power started to decrease with the rise of technology. The Moths were not Apt and that meant they were not able to maintain their rulership when technology arose. All of the kinden that were Apt broke of the grasp of the Moth kinden to the lowlands and they then were able to do what they wanted. Over a long period of time technology grew and grew and stories of the past started to become kind of like fairy tales. Magic went away completly and there was no dictatorship for a long time. Now this is the basic lore before Empire in Black and Gold so you can jump into the story and understand what is going on.