Name:  'Gryssa', although this is obviously a pseudonym

Kinden:  Spider

Gender:  Female

Titles:  Domina, although only by a few these days

Introduced:  To Own the Sky

At some point just over fifty years ago Gryssa slipped in the dance of the spiders.  The results weren't pretty: her face was scarred horribly and her cadre reduced to two: Terant and her beast; a largish, silk-spinning spider.  She wears a special half-mask, with a ruby covering a presumably ruined eye and the framework combining with her scars to create a cobweb effect.  Ending up in Collegium, she found that even there she was treated as persona non grata, due to pressure by her enemies.

To Own the SkyEdit

In 478 Scop arranges to put Gryssa and Lial Morless in touch with each other.  Gryssa provides silk, from her spider, and some investment, while Morless is able to continue with his planning to build a powered flying machine that can carry a man.  Gryssa's spider also participates in the protection of the same flier.

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