Name: Gramo Galltree

Kinden:  Beetle, Collegium

Gender:  Male

Titles:  Ambassador for the Lowlands (Self-appointed)

Introduced:  Salute the Dark, Ch 8

At least 2 decades ago Gramo decided to follow the flies of the Messenger's Guild to see what other interesting places they might visit.  This brought him to the Commonweal where he was graciously received and allowed to leave at Suon Ren.  After a time of enthusiastically trying to bring aptitude and sending letters back home, he gradually went native and spent his time working in a garden.

Salute the DarkEdit

He acts as host to Stenwold Maker, Jons Allanbridge and Destrachis on their visit to the Commonweal.

Heirs of the BladeEdit

He acts as host once again, this time for Tynisa, while she waits to be seen, fruitlessly.

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