Name:  Goiter Parrymill

Kinden:  Beetle, Collegium

Gender:  Male

Titles:  Master Townsman

Introduced:  To Own the Sky

Goiter is the owner of the most succesful airship business in Collegium some fifty years before the start of the Wasp war.  He has a close working relationship with Sulle, leader of the Messenger's Guild.  He had been involved in the discovery of lighter-than-air flight while at college and written a paper explaining why heavier-than-air flying machines were impossible.  He knew that the paper wasn't true, however.

To Own the SkyEdit

Having been keeping careful watch on Cutmold Limner until his unfortunate demise, Goiter turned his attention to Lial Morless.  He convinced all the merchants not to deal with the young beetle; he hired Turlo, twice, to check whether it would work; he finally convinced Maxel Rodder to arrest him.  All was for nought, however, and the machine flew.

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