Name: Gaved, Turncoat

Kinden: Wasp

Gender: Male


Introduced: Dragonfly Falling

Gaved is a wasp how doesn't get on with the Empire. But, however much he tries, he just can't seem to get away from it. He survives by taking commissions to find lost things and lost people. Mostly that's tracking thieves and runaway slaves. Unfortunately, he can only really get work from the Empire he so dislikes.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

He is hired by the Rekef, with three others, to obtain an item, the Shadow Box, from the house of a rich Beetle in Collegium. To their surprise, Collegium is under siege by Vek. The robbery almost goes horrendously wrong and two of his colleagues are killed. He himself is betrayed by Scyla, who heads off with the box herself.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Having been captured by Salme Dien's Landsarmy, Gaved is handed over to Stenwold Maker. To his surprise, he is offered freedom to accompany an odd group to Jerez to recover the same Shadow Box he tried to steal. In Jerez, a city very familiar to him, he meets the unusual woman Sef and keeps her safe from even stranger pursuers, but once again fails to secure the Shadow Box.

Heirs of the BladeEdit

Now living in the Commonweal with Sef, Gaved continues to ply his old trade. He and Tynisa are equally shocked to meet each other, but a shared past means that they spend some time together. He expends a lot of effort trying to stay out of the peasant revolt from either side.

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