Known to its members as The Barbs, this army consists of the usual core of Light Airborne supported by Medium Infantry and Sentinels, with attached Auxilians from Maynes, artificer auxilians from Szar and Mole Crickets from Delve. Also attached are expendable Hornets and colonel-auxilian Dariandrephos.


  • General Alder
  • Officer of the Camp, Colonel Carvoc
  • Officer of the Field, Colonel Edric
  • Engineering Corps, Major Grigan
  • Maynes Auxillians, Captain-Auxillian Anadus
  • Szar Auxillians, Captain-Auxillian Czerig

Vol 2 Assigned to take Tark, which it does succesfully during the Siege of Tark, it is then delayed by 200 soldiers of the Spiderlands led by Lord Martial Teornis. About the time an Imperial negotiator arrives, the Spiders pull back, letting the Mantis-kinden of Felyal, mount a surprise night attack. The army was effectively destroyed at that point, taking over 70% casualties and losing all remaining senior officers.

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