Name: Felise Mienn

Kinden: Dragonfly

Gender: Female


Fanart by Jelenasseid

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling ch 2

During the Twelve Year War the Wasp Empire decided that a particular noble line of the Commonweal should be eliminated and dispatched Thalric of the Rekef Outlander to accomplish it. The Prince and his children were slain and his wife, Felise, was taken, unrecognised, as a slave. Later she escaped somehow, but her mind had been broken. Her family hires many doctors, including Destrachis, to try to heal her, but something goes badly wrong and Felise sets off with her husband's sword and armour to slay the killer of her family.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Pursues Thalric all across the Lowlands and catches up with him at the siege of Collegium. He is close to death so she asks her companion, Destrachis, to heal him, so that her revenge can be righteous, rather than pedestrian. Catches him again within Collegium after the siege is over, but Thalric manages to talk her out of killing him, and the last part of her past is revealred: While Thalric had killed her husband's line, Felise her slain her own line herself, in her madness.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Salute the DarkEdit

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