The Exalsee is a large body of water surrounded by land on all sides. The term is sometimes used to refer to the varous city-states that exist on its shores. To the north is a mountain range which separates the states here from the Wasp Empire. To the east there is only a brief area of fertile land before the Nem desert is reached. To the south the Forest Aleth comes right to the shore at times, although a couple of cities have found space here. And to the West is a strip of land which seperates the Exalsee from the Ocean.

Exalsee is a corruption of the name given to the area by the first, dragonfly, settlers: "Exile's Sea". They were one of the groups of Commonweal nobles that had been exiled from their home for some long-forgotten crime. Even now the name seems appropriate, with self-imposed exiles from the Spiderlands playing amongst the cities.

The artifice of flight is at its height amongst the competing city-states here, fuelled particularly by the inventiveness out of the city of Chasme, where half-breeds and outcasts are treated with more respect.

The city-states around the sea consist of:

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