Dragonfly Image

Dragonfly Kinden artwork by David-Elliot Mumford

This inapt race have ruled the Commonweal to the north of the Lowlands for centuries unchanging. They have a certain oriental feel to them. Their buildings and cities are tall and airy, with open walls to allow flying in and out. Many years ago, the losing side of a civil war were cast out. this has led to Dragonfly cities existing in the east and south reaches of the Spiderlands. Dragonflies from the Commonweal have smooth golden skin. Ones from the exiled cities tend to tattoo themselves and present an altogether rougher appearance.

Dragonfly Cities: Many in the Commonweal, Princep Exilla

Dragonfly Arts: Dragonflies are masters of flight, considering themselves second only to Flies. For combat, they are able to grow retractable claws from their thumbs.

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