Name: Dariandrephos, Drephos


fan art by selenasart

Kinden: Halfbreed, (Wasp / Moth)

Gender: Male

Titles: Colonel-Auxilian

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling Ch 5

Apt, despite his mother's kinden, Drephos is a genius artificer and tactician who made himself a clockwork arm to replace the one he lost in combat. He has carved out a place for himself in the Wasp

Empire, hated for his heritage but grudgingly admired for his abilities. These abilities led to the creation of an entirely new rank, just for him. Drephos is surrounded by hand-picked artificers of all races, recruited from the empire and its prisoners and slaves.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

He oversees the Siege of Tark and brings it to a seemingly impossibly quick resolution. He bargains with Totho to take his loyalty in exchange for Salma's freedom. Whence he takes Totho, and his air battery to Helleron, where it is prototyped, perfected and mass-produced as the deadly Snapbow. He takes and trains 1,600 soldiers to use the new weapon and saves the Sixth Army from a rout at the hands of the Sarnesh. After the battle he is pleased to here that Totho has freed Che from captivity and given her the plans of his weapon to take back to Collegium.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Salute the DarkEdit

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