About Edit

Arche is a commoner Dragonfly, but no peasant farmer. A brigand of years who is somehow

An Old Man in a Harsh Season Edit

Arche is first met as a prisoner of Rekef Captain Lyker, in Myna. He is suprised to be freed by a motley group, (Mordrec, Soul Je, and Barad Ygor) who kill the Captain in the process. Initially just happy to flee, he returns to help them in their plan to protect Hokiak from a group of Scorpion-kinden in exchange for assistance in leaving the city. The plan works, although that may have been due to Hokiak himself having many times more fighting men prepared to protect him.

The Price of Salt Edit

Along with his companions from before, Arche is working as a bounty hunter in the Commonweal. They had tracked down Corde Liantes to the settlement of Fiol at the far northern border after three weeks of pursuit, killed him, then preserved his head in salt. And the head had been stolen.

The group track the thief, a Dragonfly girl named Lirien Aell, deep into the steppe, but find increasingly odd behaviour amongst the inhabitants and are constantly told to turn back. Eventually they track her down to a village, where she tells the group that she has hidden the head, and if they want it back, they'll need to help protect them.

What follows is a siege by hundreds of Grasshoppers, sent mad by the Locust Madness, that results in the village being ruined, many of the villagers killed and nearly all their possessions destroyed. But some survive, including Aell and all four of the hunters. She takes them to where she buried the head and they dig it up, to find that it had been mostly eaten by beetles.

Heirs of the Blade Edit

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