Dagmar was the daughter of Gunthar, a moderately succesful Imperial Officer. Alas, Gunthar was obsessed with running a racing wasp stable, and when it took a turn for the worse, he nearly bankrupted himself, leaving the only option to pay off the debts being selling his daughter as a slave.

Dagmar is the viewpoint character for The Scent of Tears.

The Scent of Tears Edit

Dagmar has been sold to Sigurt, a rival of her father in all things. She is humiliated in the way she is made to travel to his house. He decides to take her to his bed as a concubine and can be violent. Meanwhile, his wife, Fyrtha, takes a dislike to his latest toy, using Dagmar's position as slave to continually mistreat her in many ways that do not show.

One day, distraught in the garden, she meets Everel, another slave who used to work for her mother. Everel was a perfumer, and a healer. Later, he showed her his collection of scents and how to mix perfumes out of pity.

Dagmar is taken to a high-class event, as something of a trophy, but she is then used again to humiliate her father, who refuses to recognise that he even has a daughter.

Finally pushed to where she snaps, Dagmar uses the knowledge from Everel to mix a scent into the fountains during a family reunion. This will send the racing wasps into a killing frenzy. She is last seen waiting for the inevitable and is presumably killed.

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