Inhabitants: Beetles

Ruler: The Assembly

Colouration: Dark brown-skinned

Collegium is the center of Beetle-kinden civilization. It is the cradle of the technological age. In Collegium there is a mix of many races but Beetle is primary. In Collegium there is the Great College which is one, if not the, best place for education in the Lowlands . It is all ruled by the Assembly . They keep track of what's going on and where the city's attention needs to be. Collegium is basically the capital of Beetle civilization. It is all about politics and technology at Collegium. As stated before it is open to all races but it is mainly ruled by Beetles.

Empire in Black and Gold Edit

The Lowlands Games are held in the city. For the first time, the Wasp Empire is competing as an entity.

Dragonfly Falling Edit

The ant city-state of Vek launches an attack then siege on Collegium, bringing great harm to the city, but eventually being repulsed by Spiderlands reinforcements.

Salute the Dark Edit

The Second Army of the wasps marches inexorably on Collegium, sweeping all before it. The beetles prepare, confident in their artifice. However, first contact proves there confidence wrong, and their defenders are badly beaten. Another siege is started, but then suddenly lifted, as news from Capitas prompts the wasp army to withdraw, even in the face of their eventual victory.

The Scarab Path Edit

Collegium rebuilds and re-equips its defenders.

The Sea Watch Edit

Collegiate traders are being preyed upon by pirates, and one merchant believes he sees a conspiracy. Only his death brings this to light, however. It appears to be the Spiderlands at fault. Stenwold Maker arranges for a meeting to discuss things, but the entire conference gets lost at see. An army and armada is assembled at Seldis but Stenwold suddenly returns from nowhere and somehow scares the attackers off.

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