Name: Cesta

Kinden: Assassin Bug

Gender: Male


Introduced: Blood of the Mantis, Ch 7

Cesta believes that he is the last of his kind, and has no desire to continue it. He is entirely a mercenary, but does not keep most of his pay. Any mark given to him is as good as dead. He makes most of his living in Solarno, but doesn't appear to live there. Most people think he is some sort of halfbreed.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Cesta is hired by Odyssa to protect Che from the attack put out on her by Havel, Odyssa's superior. He meets her again on an island in the Exalsee, where Che appears to guess his kinden but promises to keep it secret.

Salute the DarkEdit

Finally taking a side, Cesta joins the Solarnese in their bid to take back the city.  He is to assassinate the colonel who has been selected to be governor of the city for the wasp.  This will be the signal to revolt.  To everyone's surprise, rather than some ranged attack, Cesta appears right in the middle of the Wasp officers and cuts the colonel's throat.  Then he just keeps killing wasps until a sentinel finally manages to spear him through the back.

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