Name: Brugan

Kinden: Wasp

Gender: Male

Titles: General, Rekef


Brugan is one of a triumvirate of Generals which run the Wasp secret police. He is engaged in a constant secret war of politics and influence with the other two: Maxin and Reiner. Brugan is offstage during the start of the chronicles, carrying out important work in the East Empire.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Returning to Capitas to finally bring the Rekef hidden war to an end, Brugan is recruited into Seda's conspiracy.

Salute the DarkEdit

He ensures that she comes out on top of the various schemes and plans that result in the death of her brother and his allies.

The Scarab PathEdit

Growing ever more jealous of Thalric's position and supposed influence with the Empress, Brugan sets up the situation for the consort to be killed while on a mission in Khanaphes.

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