Beetle Image

Beetle Kinden

Beetle-kinden are normally portrayed as a bit shorter than average height, but heftier, either because of a natural tendancy to be big-boned or, for older Beetles, the likelihood to carry extra weight. Beetles are Apt with only the very rarest of exceptions, which are rarely heard about, and have a general inventiveness and inquisitive nature which leads them to be at the leading edge of technology and science in the Lowlands.

Beetle Cities: Collegium, Helleron, Sonn, Khanaphes on first sight.

Beetle Arts: Beetles endure. Without fail, a Beetle's Ancestor Art allows them to resist poisons, keep going in the face of adversity and shrug off fatigue. It is common for a beetle to develop an unshakeable grip for climbing. Somewhat rarer are those who can fly, and even then it is clumsy and difficult. Another rare art is that of Darksight.

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