Bee Kinden Drawing

Sketch of Bee Kinden by David-Elliot Mumford

The members of the Bee-kinden are fairly big people. Broad shouldered and ussually very muscular from the slave work they do for the Spiders in the South and the Empire. They are apt but mostly keep to themselves. They try not to disturb their neighbors. Unlike some other kindens they have one governing body which is their queen. This becomes problematic because whoever is in control of their queen is in control of the Bee kinden. They are very loyal to whoever is in rule.


Bees do not live within the Lowlands , although there is trade with their cities for the honey they produce.

In the Wasp Empire several cities have been subjugated, first Vesserett, then Tyrshaan and most recently the city of Szar at the empire's southern edge.

Arts Edit

Bees are known to be tough and durable.  They can grow weapons with their art,such as triangular boney pertrusions, and are competent in the wielding of man-made ones.  Many have been seen to manifest wings and some come produce acid from their hands.

They have a particular sense of duty to their queen and will go Beserk and sacrifice their life for her.

On rare occasions, some manifest a Mindlink

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