Ant image

Ant Kinden artwork by David-Elliot Mumford


Mantids are by far the best warriors amongst the kinden, in the Lowlands and beyond, but it is Ants that are acknowledged by all to be the best soldiers. Of average height, but solid and well-built, an Ant's skin-tone is determined by his city of birth. It is said that there is nothing that Ants like better than fighting other Ants, and the various cities' technology advances only in the direction of things that help them kill ants. Ants are Apt as a rule.



From Vek in the far west, to Tark in the east, there are Ant city-states throughout the Lowlands. Off the south coast is the island city of Kes and in the centre of the Lowlands is Sarn.


The Wasp Empire is said to be very experienced at reducing and subjugating Ant cities, although only Maynes has been known for the vast majority of the series. A second Ant city, Maille, was mentioned in War Master's Gate, its citizens serving as Auxillians in the Eighth Army under General Roder.


Beyond the western edge of what is normally considered the lowlands (and sometimes refered to as the Atoll Coast) lies the city of Tsen. It is a city situated on a peninsula which extends into the great ocean. 

A island in the spiderlands belongs to the fire ants.

Although not technically a city, there is a significant population of Jungle Ants in Forest Aleth. The settlement of Aleth itself is merely a trading point for the nomadic jungle-dwellers.



The Mind-link is synonymous with Ants and considered their signature art.


Many ants are skilled with weapons, but some are gifted with an acidic grip and others grow bony protusions from their fists.  Often, they are unusually strong or resistant to damage.  Some are capable of climbing sheer surfaces.

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