Name: Alder

Kinden: Wasp

Gender: Male

Titles: General of the Fourth Army

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling Ch 5

General Alder is an older, fit man, with only one arm, the other lost in combat. He has command of the Imperial Fourth Army and leads it to Tark.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

He technically commands the Siege of Tark, although it is effectivley the Colonel-auxilian Drephos who runs the whole thing. From there he sets off westward to claim Egel and Merro, but is stymied by a small force of Spiders, led by Lord Martial Teornis, who claim that the Fly cities are already part of the Spiderlands. Unwilling to risk a political mess, he sends for advice and camps his army. Weeks later, he is killed in a surprise night attack by the Mantids of Felyal.

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