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Achaeos is Moth-kinden raider and neophyte seer who became lover to Cheerwell Maker.

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Achaeos takes part in a raid on Elias Monger's mines north of Helleron and is wounded by a crossbow bolt. Unable to flee, he hides in Elias's stables and is there discovered by Che. Rather than turn him in, she helps heal his injury. Feeling obliged to her for saving his life, Achaeos warns Stenwold and Tisamon that Wasp-kinden soldiers are in the house when they come looking for Che. He then accompanies Stenwold, Tisamon, Totho and Tynisa to Asta, but his warnings about the The Darakyon go unheeded and he ends up in the heart of the wood after Wasp soldiers ambush their campsite. Desperate to find Che, he makes a pact with the forest's dark spirits who boost his magic, allowing him to locate Che in Myna.

Once in Myna, Achaeos joins the rescue mission to the cells beneath Governor Ulther's palace and helps free Kymene, Salme Dien and Che. Reunited, Achaeos and Cheerwell fall in love and he convinces Stenwold to let Che accompany him to Tharn, where they attempt to convince the Skryre council of the Wasp threat. While awaiting a verdict, they make love and awaken Cheerwell's Art, allowing her to fly. They leave the city after the Skryres decide to only wait, but Achaeos quickly returns after Stenwold deduces the Wasp-kinden's plan for a surprise invasion of Collegium. He brings Arcanum forces to the Battle in the Helleron rail-yard and helps destroy the Pride, thwarting the Wasps' plans.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Achaeos joins Che, Scuto and Sperra on a diplomatic mission to Sarn with the objective of securing the Arcanum's aid against the Wasps. They succeed, resulting in the creation of the Ancient League. They join the Sarnesh army when it marches out against the Imperial Seventh and Achaeos is wounded by a Wasp sting, though he and Sperra escape on retreating train cars while Che is captured.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Achaeos journeys to Jerez with Tisamon, Thalric, Gaved, Tynisa and Jons Allanbridge. They try to recover the Shadow Box from the auction being run by Scyla. They appear to have succeeded, but Uctebri directs an ally to interfere, and she uses her control over Tynisa to have her stab Achaeos, wounding him severely.

Salute the DarkEdit

Unable to recover from his wound under Apt medicine, Achaeos is returned to Tharn. He is shunned due to his connection to the Darakyon. He is eventually summoned to assist in a powerful ritual to drive the Wasps out of Tharn. When this appears to be failing, he calls upon both the Darakyon, and his link to Che. Even then, it is too much for him, and he dies.