About Edit

Achaeos is a young and Impulsive moth-kinden, theoretically in training to become a Skryre, but still participating in sabotage raids against the beetles of Helleron.

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Wounded during a raid on a Helleron mining operation, Achaeos is discovered by Che. Rather than turn him in, she helps him heal his injury. Feeling obliged for saving his life, the moth assists Stenwold in his attempts to find and rescue his niece. Unfortunately, he passes through the Darakyon, and is touched by its taint. He assists with the rescue in Myna, and then collects allies to help in the final attack on the electrical engine.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

Achaeos and Che try to make contact with the Arcanum in Sarn, to ask for the aid of the Moths and Mantids in the war against the Wasp Empire. They succeed.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Achaeos journeys to Jerez with Tisamon, Thalric, Gaved, Tynisa and Jons Allanbridge. They try to recover the Shadow Box from the auction being run by Scyla. They appear to have succeeded, but Uctebri directs an ally to interfere, and she uses her control over Tynisa to have her stab Achaeos, wounding him severely.

Salute the DarkEdit

Unable to recover from his wound under Apt medicine, Achaeos is returned to Tharn. He is shunned due to his connection to the Darakyon. He is eventually summoned to assist in a powerful ritual to drive the Wasps out of Tharn. When this appears to be failing, he calls upon both the Darakyon, and his link to Che. Even then, it is too much for him, and he dies.

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