Attackers: City of Vek

Defenders: City of Collegium

Spurred on by reassurances that Sarn would be otherwise occupied from the Wasp Empire diplomats, the Vekken set out to once again attempt to crush this annoying city of beetles. Collegium was given some warning and were able to evacuate a number of trainloads of non-combatants to their allies in Sarn.

As soon as they arrived the city was invested by land with a number of camps and blockaded at sea by the Vekken navy, with usual ant efficiency. The railway line was cut and siege engines brought out and assembled.

For the first day, the besiegers bombarded the city walls with their engines, starting to cause very slight damage, but being completely unmolested by the defenders' artillery. Satisfied with a good start, they retired for the evening. Suddenly, in the dark of the night, the majority of the attackers' siege engines were struck with counter-battery fire: the scholars and artificers of Collegium had spent the day protecting their weapons and making measurements and calculations so that their first, blind volley was mostly on target, causing more damage than the entire day's barrage.

This was to set the tone for the entire siege. The Vekken used established, trusted and effective military tactics and strategy but were repeatedly confounded by desperate ingenuity and selfless sacrifice. Their flagship was sunk by a prototype submarine; siege towers were repelled by a device designed to clean stone; the first breach was held by beetle militia just long enough for a Sarnesh Lorn detachment to help plug it; a small class in Days of Lore studies cursed the Ant dreams; the list goes on.

Eventually, however, even desperation runs out and there is nothing left to sacrifice. At this point the attacking army was starting to finally break into the city: the breach taken they were slowly expanding their hold over Collegium when re-inforcements of a most unexpected type arrived. Teornis led an army of mercenaries from the Spiderlands, supplemented by the Tarkesh of Parops, to break the blockade and land forces on the beaches. It wasn't long before the army of attackers was broken and scattered.

Result: A victory, although of near-pyrrhic proportions, to the beetles of Collegium. Also the start of an important relationship between that city and the spiderlands.

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